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Over the next five weeks we are going to be unpacking the vision God has given us for WCC and who we are. We will outline how we intend to use it as a plumbline for the things we do and the way we behave.

You can follow along with the presentation we shared as you listen here

Really Good News

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April 2020 - July 2021

During our lockdown, catch up with our Sunday morning Zoom meetings here

Re-thinking Addictions with Margaret Bristow

Increasingly psychologists are recogising there is no difference in the processes betweeen formal addicts (e.g. those dependent on a specified drug) and informal addicts: enthusiastic devotees of a specified thing or activity where stopping causes adverse psychological effects.

Margaret asks us the questions:

  • Do I orientate my life around Jesus or is he just a daily addition?
  • Have I wholeheartedly committed to love God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength, and all my mind?
  • What comes between me and God? What eclipses God?
  • Where is the energy of my desire? The true motivation of my behaviours?

In recognising our addictions to success, people pleasing, perfection, control or pornography for what they are we are able to apply some of the same tools as formal addicts; rebuild our connection to God and experience freedom.

Download PowerPoint here

Spring 2020
Love One Another


A two week mini-series looking at Biblical principles of church leadership and how we are outworking them at WCC.

You can also download the notes here

Summer & Autumn 2019

Sharing Jesus

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Seeing Jesus

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Walking like Jesus

Summer 2018

The Church

  1. Download: The Church
  2. Download: A Family
  3. Download: A journey with God
  4. Download: An Embassy
  5. Download: A city
  6. Download: Hope for the nations
  7. Download: Hope for the nations pt 2
    Notes for Hope of the Nations
  8. Download: Bars


Spring 2018

1 Corinthians
  1. Download: Introduction
  2. Download: Love
  3. Download: Divisions
  4. Download: Spiritual Gifts
  5. Download: Praying for healing
  6. Download: The Body
  7. Download: Sex
  8. Download: Revealing the Father
  9. Download: Order
  10. Download: Prophetic
  11. Download: Resurrection

Autumn 2017

Know your Bible

  1. Download: Know your Bible
  2. Download: Genesis 1-11
  3. Download: Genesis 12-50
  4. Download: Exodus 1-18
  5. Download: Exodus 19:40
  6. Download: Leviticus
  7. Download: Numbers
  8. Download: Deuteronomy
  9. Download: Scripture - a map to God's heart
  10. Download: Proverbs
  11. Download: Matthew 1-13
  12. Download: Matthew 14-28
  13. Download: Psalms